Single Phase Induction Motor

The advancement of single-phase induction motors is an excellent subject to put into practice a set of knowledge of electromagnetism, illustrating in a surprising manner the Faraday-Lenz Law. There are a number of types of single-phase induction motors, such as the shaded pole motor, which are ideal for air handling applications such as exhaust fans, fans, compressors, small pumps, refrigeration units, clothes dryers and hair among others. The split phase motor that requires little starting torque such as: office machines, hermetic compressors, centrifugal pumps and the capacitor start motor which is similar to the split phase motor but with the inclusion of an electrolytic capacitor in series with the starting auxiliary winding.

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However, we did not find this subject of general physics books in upper and middle schools. This type of motor can be connected in the common electric network available in any residence, being its presence and importance in our day-to-day life. These types of motors have great industrial use especially when we need to drive small tools. Boring machines, compressors and grinding machines are some examples in which single-phase motors are most commonly used in the industry.