Tanned, now!

Do you want to wear a miniskirt in the Friday night club? A dress with a neckline on the
back at the weekend? A good alternative for those who do not like or will not have time
to be exposed to the sun are self-tanners. Want to get a flawless bronze? Janaina
Motta has already delivered her self-tanning tips to look beautiful in Instagram photos.
Now it’s Nicole Rossato, marketing director at Best Bronze, who teaches
you how to have a perfect application . To avoid stains on the palm of your hands,
use disposable gloves when applying the self-tanner and at the end touch up your
hands. Best Bronze spray already makes the glove available with the product. For a
natural beach effect, after applying it to the whole body, take a wet tissue and remove
the product only on the inside of the wrist, simulating the pigmentation line that the sun
gives (whiter on the inside of the arm). For first-time sailors or for the most clumsy, a tip
is to apply a light moisturizer on the feet around 1 hour after applying the self-
tanner. This will prevent uneven pigmentation. Some prefer to remove the excess with
a slightly damp towel.BestBronze best gradual self tanner